Monday, May 30, 2011

(Eyes Wide Open}

This sweet little one was so interested in the world around her.  We tried all the tricks (nursing, warm studio, white noise...) yet she refused to give in to that peaceful slumber during her session.  Her mother really wanted some photographs with the pea pod, so we worked and worked to get some.  I was so happy to see we captured these great shots.  I just love how the first one shows the intensity of her eyes and how the second highlights the snuggly coziness of the pod.  : )

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

{In the Orchard}

The apple orchard is one of my absolute favorite places to take spring photographs here in Wisconsin.   Mother Nature is just bursting with color, texture, and life that a person cannot help but be awestruck with wonder...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

{A Vintage Birthday}

For Laela's first birthday I wanted the soft, comforting look of vintage baby to warm the rooms, so I dug out my many treasures gathered over the years and paired them with soft pastels banners and poms poms.  It created a soft, comforting atmosphere for the party and stirred many memories among the guests.  I know normally I post pictures of clients and such, but I thought what a good way to show you all how much fun it can be photographing a party!  Enjoy!

The living room where we opened presents and played games.

I used a vintage cradle to hold the party favors for guests: Little Golden Books inscribed with party information.

I sewed the banners using scrapbooking paper and cotton pom poms from JoAnn Fabrics--boy, I love that store!  I displayed the scrapbook of Laela's first year on the mantel next to her birth picture.

I placed vintage toys throughout the house--even in the guest bath!  It really created such a nice atmosphere.

 These delightful little cakes were a splurge from Manderfield's Bakery--yum!!

 The cupcakes I made myself.  I bought a frosting kit at JoAnn fabrics and worked a little magic.  They look so much fancier than what they are--Martha would be so proud!

I tied balloons to a vintage toy to welcome guests at the front door.
 Tissue paper poms poms made by yours truly--an easy Martha Stewart tutorial can be found here

 I placed the cakes and other treats on my vintage dishes: Jadite and blue Fire King.

 The birthday girl's special hair piece, all ready for the party!

The children sure had fun playing Duck-Duck-Goose and Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  Even the birthday girl joined in the fun!

 I used an old window to display Laela's cake smashing pictures.  A flower frog holds a vintage postcard my mother had as a child.  A jadite cakestand displays a vintage kewpie doll from etsy:

Saturday, May 7, 2011

{Let's Eat Cake}

Mae Mae's first birthday party is today and boy are the kids excited!  I've transformed my house into a sweet vintage baby celebration.  Can't wait for the guest to arrive...stay tuned for the next blog on the party!  Happy day!

Friday, May 6, 2011


A year ago today a miracle came into my life...sweet little Laela Mae.  Today is all about her.  She woke up to a family showering her with love and kisses and birthday wishes.  We danced to her birthday song, we helped her open presents, we prepared her favorite foods.  Today's blog is short.  You know why.  I'm not at the computer today.  I'm with my little miracle....We love you Laela Mae Boopers!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

{In Bloom}

These pictures were taken almost a year ago already.  I love them because they highlight one of my favorite aspects of spring: the blooming apple tree.  I also love them because they capture the anticipation and love I have for the little one growing inside of me.  Just days after these photos were taken, I give birth to our lovely Laela Mae. And as her first birthday quickly approaches, I am finding myself so nostalgic about moments like these.  Kimberly and I had so much fun this day.  Two pregnant women determined to ride the bicycle...ummm, let's just say this is not as easy as you'd think!!  Blowing bubbles, reading poetry, picking flowers, relaxing in the grass...these we could handle.  But that darn bike was our nemesis--maybe if we weren't so top-heavy!  LOL!!