Thursday, February 24, 2011

{favorite things} mini-sessions

In the month of February we've been celebrating our favorite things at our house.  We've spent many afternoons ice skating or rollerskating as a family.  We've splashed around the indoor pool at the YMCA.  We've gone sledding and built forts in the snow.  We've baked.  We've crafted.  We've played every imaginable board game.  And of course, I've taken oodles of pictures.  After all, what better way to capture some of our favorite things than with a photograph, right?  Loyal followers will note my recent blog and FB posts with Winston's hockey gear and Olivia's dance shoes.  Knowing how much my kids and I enjoy these photos, I feel inspired to do the same for you and your family with {a few of my favorite things} mini-session.  I'm scheduling these mini-sessions Sunday, March 6th, from 9 am until 3 pm at my home.  The session will be short (around 15-20 minutes) and will include a handful of poses with your favorite things.  Once your photographs have been edited, we can schedule an ordering session for you to view the digital prints at my home.  The investment for all of this is only $25.

At a loss for ideas?  How about...
favorite toy, blankie
stack of books, movies, cds, or records (yup!  I still have mine!!)
sports gear, jerseys, hats, equipment
swim gear (that's right! bring in that floatie, water wings, goggles, favorite beach towel...)
fishing pole, net, tackle
princess dress, crown, slippers
fairy wings, tutu, want
art & craft supplies (think playdough, paints, coloring books, chalk, easel...)
tricycle, bicycle, scooter
a collection of your child's favorite foods (think mac n cheese, cereals, snacks...)

Our children grow up so quickly; we need to remember them as they are now.  Think about what your child loves to do most in the world right now.  This is the image we want to capture.  : )  Does your child collect something?  Bring it in!  If your child adores Sesame Street, why not have a picture with their favorite Sesame Street books, games, toys, movies....

If your child is obsessed with the color pink, dress her (or him!) in pink from head to toe and bring along any toy, accessory, decoration, book, game, in this same color!  Do you have an avid reader in your house?  Why not stack up their favorites for the picture or have him/her read a book for the photo?  

Does your child like the outdoors?  Why not bring a little of this inside? 
Got a crafter on your hands?  Bring in his/her favorite art supplies. 
Does your child like to bake?  Bring in an apron, empty mixing bowl and spoon, maybe a box of brownies or cake mix. 

The possibilities are endless!!  The more you think outside the box, the neater (and more fitting!) your photographs will be.  I imagine these time slots will fill up quickly, so email me today to book your session.  :  )


Saturday, February 12, 2011

{favorite things}

Few toys represent childhood better than a homemade sock monkey.  Olivia just loves hers, especially since it has the pretty pink flower, so I thought it fitting this be part of my series this month, {favorite things}.  Many of you already familiar with my style know that I have a special affinity for feet pictures, so this photograph shares one of my favorite things too!  : )

Monday, February 7, 2011

{On Ice}

If my son Winston had one place he could be, he'd choose the ice.  Don't know where his fascination with hockey came from, but it runs true and true within him.  When he's on the ice, he settles into such a happy place--you can tell just by looking at his huge grin or in his determined eyes.  At 5 years old, he's the littlest guy on the team but he holds his own.  So this weekend when we talked about new pictures for his room, I knew I had to capture a photograph like this one.  Perhaps 10 years from now he'll let me recreate this shot...