{Meet Jennifer}

As a mother of three young children, I know how special  and how short-lived  the early years can be.   I steal every chance I get to capture the lives of my little ones, Winston, Olivia, and Laela Mae.  Of the thousands of pictures I've taken, I've found that my favorites are those that capture the children in the moment, exploring, giggling, or simply acting goofy.  Why?  Because these photographs tell a story.  My hope is to do the same for your family.

My passion for photography began years ago.  I dabbled in it along the way, but it was with the birth of my son when I realized that I needed to hone my skills in order to capture each fleeting moment.  So I read...and read...and read.  I did as much studying as a new mother could do.  I took a class.  I bought new camera equipment.  And I took A LOT of pictures.  Six years later here I am.

Allowing me to capture your family's moments, your spirits, is one of my greatest pleasures.  Feel confident in my passion for photography and in my attention to detail.  I look forward to meeting you.


To schedule a photo session, call Jennifer at (920)252-0661 or send an email to jennifer@jkfamilyphoto.com.

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